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Amin's Annual Holiday Cocktail

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2%140 $ sur 5 000 $

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My dear friends,


The Old Brewery Mission is the largest resource for homeless men in Quebec and for homeless women in Canada. They have moved from a traditional shelter approach to a true springboard of reintegration back into the community. Transitioning over 600 individuals last year alone, they are an inspiration to us all. It is a movement that we can all be a part of!  


Thank you for your support to the Mission Old Brewery. The tradition continues!


Looking forward to seeing you at my Annual Holiday Cocktail on the 12th of December.



20,00 $Susan-Christine Bowitsch à Amin's Annual Holiday Cocktail

As always, grateful for your kindness and generous spirit of giving, Amin! Wishing you a festive holiday season, Susan xoxo

20,00 $Natalia Quiroz à Amin's Annual Holiday Cocktail
100,00 $Amin Noorani à Amin's Annual Holiday Cocktail

Won't you also support the Mission Old Brewery?