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2021 McGill Med and Dent Talent Show

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30%450 $ sur 1 500 $

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The medical and dental societies of McGill University are hosting their 11th Annual Talent Show at the beginning of June via a virtual platform to raise funds for the Mission Old Brewery. This campaign page was created for you to make a direct donation to this organization with ease.

The pandemic has affected us all, but it has disproportionately upended the lives of the homeless population. The Mission Old Brewery and its partners reported increasing numbers of homeless people testing positive for COVID-19. With your help, your donation can provide basic necessities such as food, supplies, and shelter to this vulnerable sector. Any donation to The Mission Old Brewery goes a long way!


Every donation will automatically enter you into our raffle for prizes such as restaurant gift cards, movies passes, and much more. The raffle entries are structured as follows:

  • $5 donation = 1 raffle ticket
  • $10 donation = 3 raffle tickets
  • $25 donation = 10 raffle tickets

When donating, please enter your email in the "Comments" section in order to be eligible for the raffle. Ensure that the box "Do not show publicly my name and my comment" is unchecked. Your email in the comments is the only way we can contact you if you are a winner!

All amounts are welcomed, and we hope that you tune into the Talent Show!


10,00 $Antoine Nguyen à 2021 McGill Med and Dent Talent Show

Thank you for letting me edit this wonderful project! @byquach

JH Wonderful show guys, thank you!

Luv from Waterloo

50,00 $Sohail Hameed à 2021 McGill Med and Dent Talent Show

Sohail Loved Lisa's Performance!!! and I think she's an amazing MC!!!

20,00 $Russel Gitalis à 2021 McGill Med and Dent Talent Show

Awesome work!

10,00 $Ariane St-Denis à 2021 McGill Med and Dent Talent Show

10,00 $Ann-Rebecca Drolet à 2021 McGill Med and Dent Talent Show


20,00 $Courtenay Wood à 2021 McGill Med and Dent Talent Show

Good luck with the planning of the event, and best of luck to the performers!


Thank you Director Kwon, committee team members and performers for making this event possible! I look forward to the Talent Show!


Thanks Director Kwon and team for organizing this !

Good luck to all the performers!


Good Luck everyone :)