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Festivus For The Homeless!

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Let's air our grievances and help out those in need.

Join us on Saturday, February 25th at Embassy Plaza in Laval for 

Festivus For The Homeless!

Seinfeld fans, get ready for a party that is sure to surpass historic parties such as the Newmanium and the Kramanium.

We are launching our first ever Festivus party, which will be all-Seinfeld themed, including dishes seen on the show, a costume contest, and much more!

Attendees of the event will be greeted with a buffet meal, featuring famous foods from Seinfeld. Ten people will be seated per table with two bottles of wine and guests will receive vouchers for two beverages at the bar.

Itinerary For The Evening

- 'Open mic' airing of grievances

- Candy Lineup Contest - See if you've reached a point in your life where you can distinguish between nougat and cookie

- 'Elaine Dance' Competition

- Photo booth, with Seinfeld props on hand

- Dress as your favourite Seinfeld character (Grand prize to be won!)

- Sweet table, featuring your favourite Seinfeld-themed desserts, including babka, muffin tops, eclairs & more!

- DJ/dancing to rein in the holiday spirit

***Tickets are now available!

Please visit for ticket sales.***

Proceeds from Festivus For The Homeless will go to the Old Brewery Mission.

The Old Brewery Mission works with Montreal’s homeless men and women, meeting their essential needs while finding practical and sustainable solutions to end chronic homelessness.


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