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Joe and Marysia's Bachelor and Bachelorette

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Instead of the traditional Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, we - Marysia and Joe, have decided to "give back" in some way. With the help of our closest friends, we believe we can do this positive act and have a blast at the same time! We also thought it would be cool to combine both the guys and girls. Our Bachelor - Bachelorette will be on Saturday, April 25, a week before our big day!

We decided to prepare and serve dinner for a typical Saturday night of around 450 homeless people at the Old Brewery Mission. Should be an amazing experience!

In order for this to be possible, we need to raise 2000$. With our closest friends joining us on this experience, and with the support of our communities at large -- we believe this is possible!!

Would you like to support our efforts in this beautiful way by sharing a donation to this cause?!? Any amount is so very appreciated! Even a 5$ or 10$ donation can really go a long way - cumulatively as a community, every donation has a true impact! With your donation, you will also receive a receipt for income tax purposes.

THANK YOU for your support. For information on what the Mission does for our community, see:

We're really looking forward to this, and so we're very happy to share this opportunity with our family, friends, and community to get involved in their own way. Thank you so, so much!


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